Do I Need Orthotics? – A Melbourne Podiatrist’s View

Most people do not need to wear orthotics!

The reason why you do not need orthotics is because most of your foot problems can be corrected naturally without orthotics. If you want to avoid wearing foot orthotics then keep reading. You will discover how the majority of clients that visit Foot Posture Centre do not need orthotics.

Why you do NOT need orthotics?

Orthotics are often not needed because your feet can improve naturally with foot mobilisation therapy (FMT) and corrective exercises. You may actually have joints in your foot and ankle that are misaligned. It is these misaligned joints that often lead to foot & leg pain. Those misaligned joints can be corrected using gentle foot mobilisation. When this happens, foot pain reduces. If you have been advised to wear orthotics because you are experiencing foot / leg symptoms take a closer look at some of our success stories.

In the example below you will see how this 65 yr old lady had rolled in ankles or flat feet and this was causing her bunion pain. She also needed to wear orthotics to help manage the pain.

Before: Note the rolled in ankles and experiencing bunion pain. After 7 Months: Note how straight the ankles are aligned. No more bunion pain and no longer needs to wear orthotics.

Note how in the after photographs, the ankles are straighter and are not rolled in as they used to be. There is no bunion pain and she no longer feels the need to wear orthotics.

Practitioners recommend the need for orthotics when you

1. Are experiencing foot pain
2. Have a biomechanical foot/ankle/leg problem
3. Have flat feet or lowered arches
4. Have a high arch
5. Need to fill out loose fitting shoes

How can I avoid orthotics?

If you do not want to wear orthotics, but are still experiencing foot and ankle pain, then you need to make an appointment at the Foot Posture Centre. Ivanhoe 9499 2006 or Forest Hill 9877 0056. We will assess your case and determine if we are able to correct your condition using Natural Corrective Podiatry.

Do I need orthotics?

Orthotics are not needed in a lot of cases. These before and after images show what is possible with Melbourne podiatrists using natural corrective podiatry techniques at the Foot Posture Centre.

Why do practitioners prescribe orthotics?

Most podiatrists and other health practitioners such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors will tend to recommend that you need orthotics. They will base this on your symptoms and if they feel that your feet are contributing to other upper body issues you may be complaining of.

There is no doubt that poor foot posture can cause and contribute to other conditions such as knee, hip and lower back pain. It is great that these practitioners understand that the foot is the foundation of the body. They also realise that when the foot is correctly functioning and aligned, the rest of the body will benefit. However, what most practitioners don’t realise is that there is a natural alternative available and your feet do not need orthotics in the majority of cases.

What’s the problem with foot orthotics?

Ok, yes orthotics can be helpful in reducing your foot pain. However, they will often make your feet lazy and over time you will become reliant on them. The other problem is that over a period of time your foot will most likely continue to worsen and then you will try and find orthotics that need to be even more supportive. In the long run you will end up having shoe fitting issues and may be forced to wear bulky, ugly looking shoes in order to fit the orthotics.

If you are concerned by the look of your feet, then have your feet assessed by our podiatrists at the Foot Posture Centre. We will see if your issue can be corrected naturally with … orthotics, no surgery and no medication.

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John Sfinas