Bunion Pain Treatment – No Surgery No Orthotics

Bunion Treatment – No Surgery, A Natural Approach

Why go through painful bunion surgery? Bunion treatment can be done using advanced foot mobilisation techniques and corrective exercises at the Foot Posture Centre. In the example that you can see here, this person had put up with bunions for over 40 years. Often in cases like this, clients would prefer natural bunion treatment. However, many end up considering having bunion surgery as bunions are often sore while walking. Over a period of 4 months you can see the incredible change in the alignment of the big toe. This degree of change also makes it easier for clients to wear shoes they like. Not only has the alignment improved, but the pain in the joint also resolves.

Bunions Natural Treatment

Correction of bunion deformity without surgery and without orthotics

How can Bunion Correction be achieved without surgery?

Initially a client comes in for a comprehensive assessment. After that, a foot x-ray may be required to determine if there are significant misalignments in the foot and ankle. These misalignments (subluxations) could be causing the bunions. In this particular case, there were significant misalignments in the ankle and foot. In fact, one of the main bones in the ankle was positioned at an angle of 32 degrees (normal is around 15 degrees). This is double what it should be! The great news is that over the next 4 months, our podiatrists at the Foot Posture Centre combined specific foot mobilisation techniques to correct the misalignment in the ankle. Soft tissue adhesions were also freed up in the midfoot and big toe joint. The end result was that the angle then reduced to 10 degrees from its original position of 32 degrees…..Wow!!

Alternative to Orthotics – No Surgery, No Orthotics

Now it wasn’t just all the work of our podiatrists that achieved this dramatic improvement. Our clients need to be proactive with specific corrective exercises. They can be performed during the day, at work/home and even while you are walking.
For example, a simple yet rather difficult exercise ,is to try and make your big toe move away from your second toe. This exercise is often difficult for many people. Therefore to help it along, consider using your hand to move the big toe away from the second toe. While you are doing this try to activate the muscles in your foot.

It is also imperative to have your walking and standing posture corrected by the team at the Foot Posture Centre. Achieving correct foot posture is another factor that will speed up the process to achieving correction and pain relief.

How can I have my bunions treated without surgery?

It is important to find out if your condition can be corrected naturally, no surgery & no orthotics. So if you have bunions which are causing you pain call us to make an appointment. Or even if you are concerned by the appearance of your bunions then its best to have an assessment. Remember not all bunion deformities can be corrected. Therefore we will need to assess your bunions to see if we can make a positive change. Why not call one of our offices for a full comprehensive assessment.

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