Natural Corrective Podiatry

Having graduated from Podiatry in 1994, the main conservative measure to treat foot and leg pain taught in the undergraduate university course was through orthotics and muscle stretching and strengthening. If this failed, the next option was then to look at invasive injections and/or surgery.

Natural Corrective Podiatry is a term that we (John and Claude) have found and put together that describes our All Natural System that is unique to the Foot Posture Centre.

They are… Natural. Our techniques are just that…natural. Every client is assessed thoroughly and individually and a specific care plan is discussed to improve one’s foot and leg posture, eliminate symptoms through foot mobilisation, corrective exercises, gait retraining and specific manual assisting devices. Foot Mobilisation is a physical (manual) therapy also commonly used by Physiotherapist, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. Foot Mobilisation is a gentle precise pressure used to move (mobilise) bones, reduce joint restrictions and improve bone alignment. Our specific manual assisting devices are used to accelerate the corrective process and help reduce pain naturally and quickly without needles, surgery and in 80% of cases without cumbersome/ bulky orthotics.

They are… Corrective in that when foot mobilisation is implemented using our ‘All Natural System’, it ensures that changes to one’s foot posture are long lasting and permanent. This will ultimately improve the bodies function and mobility.

And finally they are… Podiatry in that podiatric medicine and biomechanical science is used to assess and diagnoses the client’s specific problem. After a thorough initial consultation which involves taking down a medical history of the current concern and any past foot/leg problems, a clinical assessment is then performed. This involves us assessing ones overall weightbearing posture and then focusing on the foot and leg posture, thus taking a holistic approach to ones problem. A gait analysis is performed and then an assessment of one’s foot and leg joint range of motion and muscle strength and flexibility. Having examined the initial concern and correlating it with the clinical finding, further investigation tests such as X-rays may then be indicated to confirm the exact extent of the problem and any unidentified internal issues. Then a realistic individual tailored solution will be given to improve one’s problem naturally.

Claude Tobgui